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That being said, if you're feeling stumped, simply look to our friends at MAC for inspiration. The brand just unveiled exactly how to get Maleficent's iconic makeup look from the upcoming film starring Angelina Jolie , and there's no doubt it would make one killer costume.

How To Contour: 5 Steps To Perfecting Contouring

MAC's senior manager of makeup artistry, Regan Rabanal , is the man behind the Maleficent-inspired magic. In a press release sent to Allure , he said, "Maleficent is one of the most legendary Disney villains of all time [because] people love that she's really just a good girl gone bad — ferocious yet refined.

As it turns out, many key MAC makeup products were used on set to achieve Maleficent's look. In fact, it's likely that you already have a few of them in your collection.

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For instance, a combination of the brand's beloved Russian Red Lipstick and clear Lipglass are used to create her bold, glossy red lip. As for the eyes, MAC's Eye Shadows in Scene a deep blue-gray and Print a slate gray with subtle shimmer are used to achieve her smoky eyes and deep-set crease.

How to Contour and Highlight Your Face | POPSUGAR Beauty

And to amplify her lashes, a generous coat of Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara is applied, followed by the brand's 36 Lash for maximum drama. And then, of course, there's her incredible complexion. To re-create Maleficent's sky-high, ultra-chiseled cheekbones, you'll need a few different MAC. Simply use a blend of all three to contour to your heart's desire — check out tips on how to do so in this helpful guide to contouring and highlighting. Instagram Facebook Twitter Tumblr. Issue Consumption.

How to : Highlight and Contour with Powder

About Rookie Rookie is an online magazine and book series for teenagers. Liquid concealer or foundation in a slightly lighter color than your skin. Girl Pro Conceal in Warm Honey. Concealer, foundation, or powder in a slightly darker color than your skin. I used M. Eye Shadow in Embark.

1. Create a Base

Setting powder Mine: M. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder in Dark.

Blush Mine came from a Kleancolor palette like this one. Optional: a foundation brush or sponge like this one from e. Optional: a concealer brush like this one from e. How to do it: Step One: After cleaning and moisturizing your skin, apply your foundation all over your face using a foundation brush or your fingers. Step Two: Blend your foundation to about midway down your neck. Step Three: Mix your lighter concealer or foundation with your regular foundation using a brush or your fingers. Step Four: Using a concealer brush or your fingers, apply the lighter makeup mixture to your T-zone the area right above your eyebrows and the spot between them, if you have one; down the center of your nose; the middle of your upper lip; and the middle of your chin , your under-eye area, and right above your cheekbones.

Step Five: Paint a thin line with this highlighting mixture right above your jawline. Step Six: Use a brush, sponge, or your fingers to blend your makeup until there is no visible line of demarcation between the highlighter and your foundation. Step Eight: Blend in your contour just like you did your highlight.