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So it is obvious that I like Virtual Pilot 3D and there is a reason. Overall this is the Best Flight Simulator platform on the market. Okay look, if you have stuck with me through this entire review. Then you my friend, are definitely ready to give Virtual Pilot 3D a try today! You know all about the features, and we have covered who this can benefit. Remember the group you landed in earlier? You know your level of experience, and I think you are ready to step things up a notch!

You could be off to a New Adventure sooner than you have ever imagined! Virtual Pilot 3D is sold through Click2Sell. They are one of the Largest Digital Product Vendors online. Well there you have it, my complete and thorough Review of Virtual Pilot 3D. I am a man of my word, and I think I have delivered as promised. I do not think you can find a more complete review of Virtual Pilot 3D Anywhere! If you have any questions or comments about Virtual Pilot 3D. Please leave them in the Comment Box located below for fastest response.

If you prefer you can contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Wow, Brendon, flight simulation software has come a long way from the days when everything looked like a cartoon! I really like your webpage header with the 3D clouds.

Flight Simulator for Mac - Download Flight Simulator for Mac

It made me more interested in reading your entire review from top to bottom. In the video, I do not get a cockpit view of takeoff. It only shows the plane taking off which makes me an outside casual observer. I wish I could have experienced the takeoff with a cockpit view.

So, this begs the question. Do I get a cockpit view of takeoffs and landings in Virtual Pilot 3D? Or, is it the same as in the video? The price makes this an excellent deal for such a complete and sophisticated flight simulation software especially, with all the planes, helicopters, and sceneries! I am glad you like the clouds, when I first saw the in action I was hooked and new they would be a part of my site!

If you have always wanted to fly a good flight simulator is a great place to start, if you have the right one. A good flight simulator does just that, it simulates real world conditions. Every aspect is designed with a real world feel, using real world layouts and set ups.

Virtual Pilot 3d was a five year process to get it right. Google Maps, NASA, and real world science were combined to bring you the most realistic training experience you can find, and that is an important aspect for any aspiring pilots out there. Virtual Pilot 3D provides a platform from which you would be able to learn the terminology, the controls set up, and the feel and response of any one of hundreds of airplanes and over a dozen helicopters from around the world.

Obviously nothing replaces actual experience, however a good flight simulator can help you to train your mind and responses for in flight situations. Virtual Pilot 3d is such a trainer and is used by various agencies and training schools worldwide. It is an excellent starting platform for any beginner, as well as any pilot for advancement of their career.

Jim as far as the view you saw in the video, that is just one option you have during your use of Virtual Pilot 3D. There are few visual angles you can choose from, and obviously if you want to become a pilot the in cockpit view is essential. There are many reason for viewing your takeoff from the out side.

X-Plane 11 Get Download free game pc

It gives you a visual of your takeoff approach and plane stability. Thus alerting you to needed changes and adjustments you may need to take. Generally though Jim I think most often you would be preforming the takeoff from the pilots seat, that is up to you.

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  6. In this video you can see that the pilot is setting his instruments in preparation for lift off. The view you see there is just an option used at that moment. Great website on an awesome product. I added Virtual Pilot 3D to my flight simulator game collection a few ears back and I fly Virtual Pilot 3D more than any other flight simulator. I would recommend this flight simulator to any flight enthusiast. You are going to love this game!

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    I have to agree with you. Virtual Pilot 3D is the one I play the most. I love the fact that I can interact with other pilots and mess around with them, or I can keep it to myself as I am learning a new plane. In either case I like the idea of having the option. I have had my copy for about two years and I still feel as though i am just scratching the surface when it comes to what Virtual Pilot 3d has to offer! This was a very nice review: it was thorough and covered a lot and not just the good points. Just the length of this review shows your love for this type of thing.

    My friend is actually studying in a university and he wants to become a pilot. After seeing your review, I am definitely think I should recommend this to him.

    Virtual Pilot 3D - Read My Virtual Pilot 3D Review Before Buying!

    Who knows, perhaps it will help him prepare. If not, then at least I know that he will have fun flying around. Also after reading this review, even I am getting the urge to give this a try! Thanks for the compliment on the review, I just wanted to create a thorough review from the point of the everyday person.

    Even if you love something I feel it is important to let everyone know of any potential drawbacks. After all, is that not what a review is about? I do love Virtual Pilot 3D when it comes to flight sim games. I have played around with some of the quality flight simulators including Flight Sim X and Pro flight Simulator. However I do not think either one is as good as Virtual Pilot 3D.

    Virtual Pilot 3D can certainly help your friend prepare for becoming a pilot, and it can help him through the entire flight school and beyond! Virtual pilot 3D was designed from the ground up to be as real as possible without flying the chosen plane. The entire flight simulator is based on real planes and real cockpits, ensuring the most life like experience you can get. Virtual Pilot 3D has them all, and they are ready to fly as soon as the download process is complete. Giedrius thank you for the visit and for sharing your thoughts, definitely share this with your friend, it could really help him out.

    Also check it out for yourself, if you are into aviation at all this will be right up your alley! Hello Brendon! You have a nice site here. I would say that Virtual Pilot 3D is quite the flight simulator. Giving an actual virtual reality of being a real pilot.

    Drone Station lets you fly an AR.Drone using a Mac, with gaming controllers

    I was once into video games, but do not play them anymore due to the complexity of the game play. If memory serves me right, the most recent flight game that most resembles your post is Top Gun for the 8-bit Nintendo so many years ago. In that game you had to use a controller to fly, land the plane and refill the gas. All of which I failed miserably at accomplishing. Have you ever played that before? I can see that the developers have put a lot of thought and effort into the making this software.

    Technology has come such a long way and it is only going to get better. Thanks for posting this. I do remember Top Gun, and yes I played it a ton! I to was not all that good at it and missed a ton of landings. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! I can see some resemblance in my site image, but believe me that is where it stops.

    Virtual Pilot 3D is far more advanced than Top Gun even tried to be. In fact pretty much any flight simulatpor game released in the last 10 years would basically blow Top Gun away. Using real cockpit set ups and controls, they allow you to experience what real flight is all about. While there are hundreds of different flight simulators available today. There are only a handful that give the real world experience of being a pilot. However in my opinion, even those fall a little short when compared to Virtual Pilot 3D. Every aspect of Virtual Pilot 3D is designed based on the real aircraft as well as the true flight dynamics of that plane.

    Virtual Pilot 3D has set them selves ahead of everyone else in the market. Virtual Pilot 3D is way more than a game. It is a true flight simulator and is certified for commercial use and provides hardware and frame-rate checks required for FAA certification.