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New Western Digital format squeezes 11% more capacity from drives

WD Advanced Format drives are specifically optimized for Mac and the latest Windows operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7 with a clean install. Advanced Format Technology is being adopted by WD and other drive manufacturers to increase media format efficiency, thus enabling larger drive capacities.

The WD Align software aligns existing partitions on the Advanced Format drive to ensure it provides full performance for certain configurations. Please see table for configuration details. If your operating system is either Windows 7 or Vista, WD recommends using the latest Intel driver version 9.

Advanced formatting optimizes hard drives to take advantage of the capabilities of newer operating systems.

Hitachi GST Joins WD On The “Advanced Format” Hard Disk Drive Bandwagon

This capability enables hard disk drive manufacturers the ability to design larger capacity hard drives, now and into the future. Advanced Formatting enables hard drive companies to read and write more data into the same available space on the hard drive.

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If you are attempting a clean install of an Advanced Format hard drive into a system running one of the Operating Systems listed above the installation process follows standard procedure. For older operating systems such as Windows XP, and for users using cloning software, users must run the WD Align utility to achieve the full performance of the drive.

See table for configuration details. Early 3.

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Placing a jumper on these pins adjusted the drive's internal alignment for single partition XP installations. Support for this jumper setting is no longer needed on newer drives. If you have a drive that supports jumper pins 7 — 8 and have a jumper in place on those pins, the following is additional information to assist you if you are re-installing an Operating System or re-partitioning the drive:.

If your operating system is either Windows 7 or Vista, we recommend the following for maximum performance in all situations:. The WD Align utility enables older operating systems to operate at full performance on Advanced Format hard drives. It will vary based on your operating system and how much data is on the disk, but the WD Align utility should take about 20 minutes to complete on freshly installed drive images with no data files.

We recommend disabling Power Management prior to starting the partitioning alignment process. Once Windows XP has been aligned, it will stay aligned even if the drive is reformatted or many files are added or removed. Over time more models and capacities will be added. WD drives with Advanced Format technology include special installation information on the drive label so be sure to read the label on your drive before installing it.

What’s the problem with Advanced Format Technology?

If you do not change the partitions on a Western Digital USB or Firewire drive, the drive is already optimally aligned. Toggle navigation. Now, what about data present in WD My Passport drive?

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Don't worry, you can recover data from unmountable WD drive. It also retrieves files from Mac volumes which are missing, formatted partitions, repartitioned drive, and so on. Remo Mac Data Recovery software is also capable of recovering data lost after OS reinstallation, hard drive failure, crash, non-booting drive, and so on.

It comes with advanced algorithms to find and get back data from corrupted or inaccessible Mac OS volumes. All other trademarks acknowledged. Toggle navigation. All that competition in the US mobile industry was exhausting.

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